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Your ceremony

The ceremony is put together by you from a wide range of choices - in this way every ceremony is individual and no two ceremonies are the same. 

In deciding what to include (or exclude) consider what is appropriate and meaningful to you - you will be creating a unique event not only for yourselves but also for any family and friends who attend.

The special people in your lives can play a part in the ceremony, your children, guests from your original ceremony, new friends and family. Whilst you will be asked for two witnesses to sign the commemorative certificate presented at the conclusion if the ceremony - your ceremony can be just you and your partner.

The ceremony will normally proceed as follows:-

Introduction and Welcome

The Celebrant will welcome everyone to the special occasion.

Option 1 - Acknowledgement of any Children

Any children can be acknowledged.

Option 2 - First Choice of Reading 

There is a choice of two passages which may be read by either the couple, one of the guests, or the Celebrant.

Renewal of Marriage Vows

There is a choice of promises which the couple wish to may say to each other.

Option 3 - Rededication of Rings

There is a choice of promises which may be used for the rededication of rings.

Option 4 - Giving of New Rings

There is a choice from promises which may be used for the giving of new rings.

Option 5 - Giving of Gifts

If the couple wish to give gifts to each other there is a choice of presentation promises.

Option 6 - Participation of someone from the previous Wedding 

A Guest may wish to give a reading from a provided list of selected works, a reading of their own words or a special reading included within the choices.

Option 7 - Second Choice of Reading

There is a choice of readings for either the couple, or one of the family or friends, or the Celebrant.

Signing of the Special Commemorative Certificate

The special commemorative Kentish Renewal Certificate is signed by the couple, two witnesses (if required) and the Celebrant

Closing Words

There is a choice of passages of closing words to be said by the Celebrant. 

The above is only a very brief resume of what is available - full details and an information pack are available when the renewal ceremony is booked.

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