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Blé Couture Cakes

Cakes, Catering and Bars

At Blé Couture Cakes, step into cake paradise where beautiful ideas and inspirations are transformed into edible experiences. We serve an elite clientele and provide a spectacular range of luxury couture cakes and treats with unique designs and amazing flavours. All our cakes are handcrafted from our bespoke kitchen, using our own tried and tasted recipes – we weigh every ingredient and crack every egg by hand – No cake mixes!

Over the past 10 years our company has consistently designed and delivered edible masterpieces for different occasions. From Castles to manor houses and Luxury hotels, Blé Couture Cakes has continuously provided the following range of wedding cakes: Couture Cakes, Hanging Cakes, Vogue Cakes, Naked Cakes, Rustic Cakes and Wedding Cupcakes.

With Blé Couture Cakes, every cake is an edible experience.

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