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Finickity Fayre Garden Games


At Finickity Fayre we offer garden games to celebrate in style. Our handpicked collection pays tribute to the vintage funfair stalls and lawn games every member of the family will remember, including the Coconut Shy, Hoopla, Hook a Duck, Tug of War, and Splat the Rat.

Select your favourite games and we will bring the fun on your special day...
Coconut Shy
Hook a Duck
Seaside 'Head in Hole' Photo Board
Splat the Rat
Vintage Fete Games (inc. Tug of War, Sack Races, Egg and Spoon)
Village Stocks
Tin Can Alley
Spin Ball

Please note: Kent County Council does not endorse any of the suppliers listed and cannot be held responsible for any losses.